We do technic, You do music

Everyone who uses my products will appreciate the technology and the love of detail. My goal is to use advanced technology to give musicians more time to make music and to support their creativity with more options.


What is it?

A full polyphonic, multitimbral synthesizer in an Eurorack


What is different?

Separation of sound generation and operation

The subtractive synthesis allows you to create your own sounds. Direct access to sound-shaping parameters with the feel of Eurorack modules combined with the storability of the parameters

Out of the desktop, into the rack

Musicality of a desktop device transforms into the Eurorack.

LED encoder for logical operation

The encoder displays the actual value of the selected parameter (loaded pre-set), which can be controlled incrementally.

In minutes from idea to music

Musicians can already make music after a short time with the technology. The operation is intuitive, the possibilities are extensive.


Full storage capability, direct access to the parameters through LED encoders or control via assigned MIDI controls (third-party manufacturers)

Virtual cabeling

(under development)