M800 Synthesizer Eurorack Modul

M800 Virtual Analog [VA]  multitimbral polyphonic synthesizer in the Eurorack format. Multitimbral with four Parts. The synth-engine has 12 Voices on the end of the signal path every part has your own stackable effect section ( DELAY,  REVERB, CHORUS, EQUALIZER ...).

Four independend Arpeggiator und Step/Trigger Sequenzer may play one of the four Synth parts. The Trigger Sequenzer may trigger the built in transient sample player (Drum Kit .wav) or send trigger to the MIDI-Out.

Diameter:  Heigth  3 HE (128,5mm),  32 TE (162,56mm)  Wide, ~50mm Deepth

      System Specifications:

    • Raspberry PI3 based  (4 core 1,2Ghz)
    • TFT 800x480 Pixel  + kapacitive Touch
    • Audio Codec: “Wolfson":24 bits, Sample rate 44100Khz
    • Audio Input: 2 x 3,5mm Jack (Mono)
    • Audio Output 2 x 3,5 mm Jack (Mono)
    • Midi: In/out über 3,5mm Jack (Stereo)
    • Clock Trigger input: 3,5 mm Jack (Mono)

Synthesizer Block Diagram

Module Expansion Bus (Control Moduls)

The Module Expansion Bus allows to connect several, additional control modules on the M800- Synthesizer Main Module. This enables a quick overview and real time change of the parameters to the synth-engine.