The Module Expansion Bus allows to connect several, additional control modules on the M800- Synthesizer Main Module. This enables a quick overview and real time change of the parameters to the synth-engine. In this case the M840 represents a typical ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) with a selectable ratio.

It is possible to just use one module to change parameters for different instances of ENVELOPE generators. To select the specific instance use the “Assign Button”. 
In addition, for every instance you are able to use your own module.

The haptical feeling of the precise encoder with a LED ring gives you maximum control even for live setups.
The storing & retrieving of the parameters save your work.

ATTACK:        Attack time 0.008s – 45s (encoder entry exp.)

RATIO-A:       Ratio for ATTACK 0 – 100 % 0 = most exponential curve, 100 = nearly linear curve

DECAY:          Decay time 0.008s – 45s (encoder input exp.)

RATIO-DR:     Ratio for DECAY & RELEASE 0 – 100 % (encoder entry exp)

SUSTIAN:       Level of Sustain 0-100 %

VELOCITY:     Amount of Velocity impacting the Envelope output Level

RELEASE:      Release time 0.008s – 45s (encoder entry exp.)

MODE:            ADSR, AD, AR


Function on the M800:

Envelope generator ENV1 - 4

This module controls the function of an ENVELOPE generator on the M800. The values are reflected in both directions even when you change the parameter on the M800 or on the M840.