Superbooth 2019


Mayer Electronic Music Instruments Intros Polyphonic Eurorack Modules (Sneak Preview) 


Superbooth 2019: Mayer Digital Poly and Control For Eurorack


Superbooth 19: Mayer M800-Series, Eurorack Synthesizer System




We like to announce the partnership with LIMA, we love this nerdy couple, they will do the sound design for the M800 thank you L + M


Sound examples:

All the sound examples are played life without any other additional effect.

Some with the use of the built in effect sections, ARPs/Sequencer and Drumsampler

Example 1:

One arpeggiator/sequencer used with the drum sampler 

Example 2:

Ambient with FX: Delay & Chorus

Example 3:

Some other PAD sound

Example 4:

Two Sequencer with drum sample, wavetable position gated by sequencer, some motion pad sounds, wave shaped lead