We do technic, You do music

Everyone who uses our products will appreciate the technology and the love of detail. Our goal is to use advanced technology to create gear for musicians encouraging them to interact with those devices to bring out their full creativity.

What is it?

Extended virtual analog polyphonic, multitimbral synthesizer for eurorack and desktop


What is different?


Analog sounding with it's own character

Virtual analog in a typical structure of a subtractive synthesis enhanced with wavetable oscillators with spectral morph, algorithm oscillators, noise oscillator (sample), oscillator crossfade and 2 multimode Filter and more.

The overall audio path is stereo. That means the oscillator, mixer, filter, amps and effects are all in stereo. This allows binaural sound formation.

We affectionately call it enhanced virtual analog (XVA).

The strength lies in the fat analog bass & lead sounds as well as in the pad sounds.

Polyphony of up to 16 voices are shared by the 4 multi-timbral parts. The 4 parts each have their own multi-slot effect stack.

Midi in/out as well as USB midi connectivity supports live performance in a good way.


To round it off, there are built-in arpeggiators for every part, trigger sequencers and drum sample players as a 5th part.

With the clip-launcher have you full control of all sequencers arpeggiators and Drum patterns.

Connect a *APC Mini (*is a trademark from AKAI professional) enables you to launch the clips, with this controller, for DJing.

Those built in features enable live performance without using a PC/MAC.

Desktop versus Eurorack

We built this powerful synthesizer in desktop format as well as in eurorack format.


A strong focus on handling the synths in a live context or with interactive sound creation.

In minutes from idea to music

Musicians are able to make music after a short time using this technology. The operation is intuitive, the possibilities are extensive.

Built in arpeggiator/sequencer and drum machine for live performance.


Full storage capability, direct access to the parameters over a well structured operator panel (MD900) as well through external midi based controller/keyboards.