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Let's explore togehter the next step with synthesizers.

We do technic, You do music

At MayerEMI, we believe that technology should inspire and enhance the creative process of musicians. With our meticulously crafted products, we combine advanced technology with an unwavering attention to detail, allowing musicians to fully express their creativity and bring their music to life. Everyone who uses our products will appreciate the technology and the love of detail.

What is it?

Extended virtual analog polyphonic, multitimbral desktop and stage synthesizer


What is different?

Our synthesizer is a powerful and versatile desktop and stage instrument, offering an extended virtual analog polyphonic and multitimbral experience. It provides musicians with a wide range of features and capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for any music production setup.


Analog sounding with it's own character

Our synthesizer delivers an virtual analog sound with its own unique character, capturing the warmth and richness that musicians crave. By combining virtual analog technology with a subtractive synthesis structure, enhanced with wavetable oscillators, spectral morphing, algorithm oscillators, noise oscillators, and more, we have created a truly exceptional sound palette.

Experience the immersive power of binaural sound formation with our stereo audio path. From oscillators to mixers, filters to amps, and effects, everything is designed in stereo. This enables a truly captivating auditory experience, allowing your music to come alive in a spatially rich environment.

Unleash Your Creativity with XVA (Enhanced Virtual Analog)

We proudly present our enhanced virtual analog technology, XVA, which shines particularly in fat analog bass and lead sounds, as well as lush pad sounds. With a polyphony of up to 16 voices shared across 4 multi-timbral parts, each equipped with its own multi-slot effect stack, the possibilities for sonic exploration are endless.


To further enhance your musical journey, our synthesizer comes packed with convenient built-in features. Each part is equipped with its own arpeggiator, trigger sequencer, and drum sample player. Additionally, the clip-launcher provides full control over sequencers, arpeggiators, and drum patterns, enabling seamless live performances. For DJing enthusiasts, connecting launch controllers like an *APC Mini or *APC Mini MK2, *Midiplus Smartpad or *Launchpad Pro MK3 (*trademarks of production companies) allows for effortless clip launching and control.


Our synthesizer places a strong emphasis on usability, specifically tailored for live performances and interactive sound creation. With its intuitive operation and extensive capabilities, you can effortlessly go from idea to music in a matter of minutes. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, the synthesizer's built-in arpeggiator, sequencer, and drum machine are there to support your live performances.

In minutes from idea to music

Musicians are able to make music after a short time using this technology. The operation is intuitive, the possibilities are extensive.

Built in arpeggiator/sequencer and drum machine for live performance.


With full storage capability and direct access to parameters via the well-structured operator panel (MD900), as well as external MIDI-based controllers and keyboards, you have complete control over your sound. Seamlessly integrate the synthesizer into your existing setup and unleash your creativity with ease.

Experience the future of music production with our extended virtual analog synthesizer. Elevate your music to new heights and unlock a world of sonic possibilities. From the stage to the studio, we are proud to be a part of your musical journey.

Go hands on and explore the true potential of your creativity today!