M701 Voice Control Module is an extension to the M700 (or M700AS) to control the major parameter/behavior of the voice in real time with real knobs. With high quality knobs & sliders with a meaningful mix of potentiometer, slider & encoders, give you the great feeling of the eurorack. But still storable into a preset to save your work.


The clever carry function (if enabled) avoid jumps in values for potentiometer changes.
A short example:

We assume a physical potentiometer position is on 40%. After loading a new preset, the value changes to 80% however, the physical potentiometer position is still on 40%. If you now slightly screw on the physical potentiometer, the value jumps near 40%. This is at some point very unusual and inconvenient. The same example with the Carry Mode: The screw on the physical potentiometer will not change the parameter behind as long as the potentiometer is less the 80%. If the value is set greater then 80% the value will be "picked up" and the jump is avoided. This Carry Mode will be guided on the TFT display.

The slider has LED indicators that show you the carry state (ON = carried/"picked up"; OFF = physical slider doesn't match with the parameter).

The module will connected via a 6pin ribbon cable to the M700 module (needs no further eurorack power connector). In this case the power consumption of the M700 increases by ~200mA.