The M880-PW power supply is designed for current hungry digital modules (+5V/6000mA, +12V/-12V 400mA). The majority of the "state of the art" - power supplies on the market have less current on the 5V line (500mA - 1500mA). Even if you like to connect USB controller/keyboard devices, more current is needed on the 5V line. For modules like the M800 or M700 we need ~ 1.2A for the module itself on the 5V line. On the other side we need a good +12V/-12V supply that fits for the analog stuff as well.

Use the M880-PW and you are on the save side.

The M880-PW needs a power-brick (see below):

INPUT:                15VDC / 50W

OUTPUT:            +5V/6000mA +12/-12V 400mA

REGULATION:   1% typical


SHUTDOWN:      115° typical

MINMAL LOAD:   +5V /500mA


RANGES:             Operating -40° to 75° C


AC-DC power brick to use with the M880-PW

INPUT:                100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.4A-0.7A

OUTPUT:            15VDC 4.A