MD900 / M800-R2 soon available:

We are pleased that there is a great demand on our synths and we will do our best to bring out the MD900 and the M800-R2 as fast as possible. As a small company we are eager to work on it with high enthusiasm and passion. Due to the pandemic situation and the resulting hindrance to get electronic parts the situation is and still remains a challenging factor.

We are happy to say that the MD900 is now in production and the expected delivery to „ALEX4” is mid-February 2022.

The delivery for the M800-R2 is expected to be at the beginning of May 2022. 

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Superbooth 2021 15-18 September

We are part of the Superbooth 2021 as an exhibitor

We invite you to visit us there on 15-18 of September 2021

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                We had a lot of fun and a lot of joy with the great feedback. The surprised faces as they explored the synths are our greatest reward.

                We would like to thank you very much.

                   In the next few weeks we will be regarding prices (pre) order options, publish information.

                Interested parties who we would also like to actively inform, please send a short mail to

                Horst Mayer