Superbooth 2022 Review


We had a lot of fun and a lot of joy with the great feedback. The surprised faces as they explored the synths are our greatest reward.

We would like to thank you very much.

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Mayer-EMI Team


MD900 available:

We are pleased to announce that the first tranche of MD900 has been delivered to our distributor Externer Link wird in einem neuen Tab oder Fenster geöffnetALEX4.

More MD900 are in production and will be delivered soon.
We thank our customers for their patience and wish them many creative hours with the MD900. If you are interested, please contact one of the listed

Presentation of the MD900 XVA Desktop Synthesizer:

The MD900 XVA is a desktop synthesizer, multitimbral with 4 parts. A polyphony of 16 up to voices are shared by the 4 multi-timbral parts. All of these 4 parts have their own effect stack [Mod-Delay (flanger, chorus, vibrato), Reverb, Tube-AMP, EQ, LP-Filter, DYNAMIC (Limiter) , Stereo Delay ...].

The overall audio path is stereo. Rationally, the oscillator, mixer filter, amps and effects are all in stereo.

Four independent arpeggiator und step sequencer assigned to each of the four synth parts. The trigger sequencer may trigger the built in transient sample player (Drum Kit .wav) or send triggers to MIDI-Out (USB-DIN or USB-MIDI).

Clip-launcher give full control overall sequencers and arpeggiators. Optimal for DJing and live acts.

MD900- X-VA Synthesizer