Access a world of unheard stereo sounds.

Make use of the powerful unison to spread your sound into the stereo field and experience sounds, that you have never heard before.

The true stereo signal path from the oscillator all the way to the speakers let you access a world of unheard stereo sounds.



The new Resonator Oscillator in the Vibes MD850 opens up a new world of sonic potential. This kind of synthesis would not have been possible with analog oscillators.

Explore the world of natural, harmonic-rich sounds generated by the 64 band Resonator. From crystal clear bells to plugy string sounds, the Resonator impresses with its possibilities.

All Integrated – Our Vision


All you need to create and perform your music in one device – this is our vision.
Whether you use the MD900 with its optimized layout for sound design, or you play live with the Vibes MD850.

With the powerful sound engine and its extended features like drum computer and sequencer, you have everything at hand.
Furthermore, advanced MIDI functionalities let you integrate your synth seamlessly into your setup or it even becomes its centerpiece.

All Integrated Synthesizers


MD900 – our well known desktop synthesizer with its powerful extended virtual analog sound engine. Designed with the perfect layout for sound design it is the perfect fit in your studio or your home setup.



VIBES – the compact and versatile version of its big brother, the MD900. Despite its size, it is capable of the same impressive and outstanding sounds, thanks to the same sound engine.





M600 Wavetable Oscillator Prototype

M600 Wavetable Oscillator Prototype

The new prototype of the WT Oscillator M600, shown on the Superbooth 2024 in Berlin, brings polyphony to the Eurorack. Up to 8 instances of our wavetable oscillator and its spectral effects, well known and loved from the MD900, can be used in different modes. MIDI and...

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