Our goal is to use the possibilities of modern technology to create tools for musicians and encourage interaction with them bringing out their full creativity.

Everyone who uses our products will appreciate the technology and attention to details.

Leveraging our industrial automation experience, we ensure highest quality standards across hardware and software. Resulting in outstanding products which are manufactured in collaboration with our partners across Europe and assembled in Austria.


Combining my passion for technology and my love for music; I built my first analog synthesizer at 17 years. The domain of electronic music instruments soon became my hobby and passion.

Nevertheless, my professional career led me into the field of industrial automation, industrial control automation to be more precise. For more than 35 years I have developed hardware and software for a variety of companies, ranging from startups to large corporates.

Reviving my passion for music after 35 years of industrial training

Some years ago my two sons encouraged me to revive the old times asking me to build an analog synthesizer like in my early years.

So I reignited my passion for music leveraging on my industrial knowledge I started developing electronic music instruments in 2012. This time I wanted to make use of the new possibilities that modern digital technologies offer.

While there are many similarities between designing industrial automation systems and synthesizers; it still took me several years to reach an acceptable level of quality for public display. Constructive feedback from showcasing the first prototypes of modules for the Eurorack on the Superbooth 2019 in Berlin, encouraged me to take on the next steps.

I decided to convert my passion into my full time job and founded my own company Mayer Electronic Music Instruments.

With the well appreciated help and support of my knowledgeable friends, freelancers and synthesizer enthusiasts, I presented the first commercially available Mayer EMI Synthesizer in 2021.

After a lot of hard work and good success, a few years later another milestone was reached. Together with some of my fellowships from the last years we decided to take the story to the next level and founded Mayer EMI GmbH (Mayer EMI LLC) in 2024.

To be continued …

Horst Mayer


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