Where it all begins. The sound generating heart of our synths is responsible for the immersive sound of all our products. With its true stereophonic architecture from the oscillators all the way to the outputs of the up to 24 stereo voices, it’s capable to impress every listener.


Four different oscillator types give you all the possibilities to realize your sound ideas.

Algorithm Oscillator
Select from one of 6 classic waveforms algorithms
(saw, phase distorted sine, … ) and configure it to your needs by multiple parameters. Together with modulation
of those parameters, you can easily create the typical analog synth sounds.
Wavetable Oscillator
More than 50 different predefined wavetables (256
single cycle waveforms with up to 2048 samples per cycle each) are building the base.

Powerful spectral effects like spectral morph or harmonic stretch will give your sound more harmonic richness.
Spreading it into the stereo field with detuning it into up to 4 unison frequencies, will create an immersive
sound experience.

Expand your possibilities by uploading Serum compatible wavetables created by yourself.
Sample / Noise Oscillator
Looping through simple samples with
adjustable loop modes and loop points or using complex Multi- Samples of classical instruments like pianos,
strings or even add a whole pitched choir into your mix. Of course you can use the given presets or even upload
your own samples easily.
Resonator Oscillator
The new Resonator is an easy way to encase sounds with fascinating naturally sounding, harmonic-rich

No matter if you are looking for crystal clear bell sounds or want to simulate the resonance of a string
instrument, the 64 band Resonator will be your first choice.




Select from various filter models to shape your sound with the two integrated multimode filters.

ADSR Envelopes / LFOs

Use up to 3 envelopes and 3 LFOs to modulate your oscillators or filters. From simple Attack Decay modes, over flexible full ADSR Envelopes with curves adjustable from linear to exponential. Thanks to the display you always get immediate feedback of your adjustments including a live view of your currently played keys.
Make use of the different LFO shapes for modulations with very low frequencies up to even 1kHz modulation rate. In case you are not happy with the predefined shapes, use the screen to draw your individual shape with ease.


Distortion, Saturation or Inversion? The waveshaper lets you manipulate your signal in uncommon ways. Play with the various parameters and get surprised by the outcomes.


Modulating various parameters brings your sound to life. In the Modulation Matrix you can easily setup your sources and targets in 24 slots.

From simple external modulation sources like Mod Wheel or Aftertouch up to more complex internal modulations like Ring Modulation.


An integrated Clip Launcher allows you to assemble and play all the your SynthParts together with the integrated Drum Instruments or external controllers. Switching between different MIDI Sequences in your Synth Parts or switching Drum Patterns can be done together with one touch or individually. Additional tracks allow you to send your sequences via MIDI to external devices like other synths or instruments.

 The Clip Launcher will take care to always stay in sync with the beat. Sequences can be recorded directly from MIDI Inputs or created and edited directly on the device. Alternatively, you can load precreated Sequences via MIDI Files onto your synth.

The possibility to connect external Controllers like the Novation Launchpad or AKAI APC mini II allows you to start and stop tracks directly without the uses of the touchscreen.


Let your synth be your helping hand. Turning accords into melodies in all kind of variations is the appegiators strength. Make use of different modes to activate the notes and hold them as a start. Use different articulations from staccatissimo to legato together with individual velocities to tweak the melodies to your desire. Save them together with your preset and you have a ready to play sound.


Nearly every track needs a good beat. The integrated sample based Drum Computer gives you access to 14 different Instruments, each being configurable in their sound.

Choose from different samples for your instruments, modify start and end times or many other parameters to make it sound to your needs. Using an external MIDI Controller to trigger, play them live or arrange the triggering in the drum grid based on a certain beat.


Enhancing your tracks with reverb? Compressing your hats to create more space for your drums? Effect Stacks with a selection of a wide range of Effects integrated in every Synth Part allow you to modify the sounds to your needs. Up to 10 Effects can be configured and arranged in order per stack. Additional Effect Stacks in the Mixer even allow you to feed external signals coming from the Audio Inputs through the Live Effect, turning your synth into a powerful effect device.


A powerful digital Audio Mixer allows you to mix your signals, no matter if’s coming from the internal Synth Parts, from one of the Drum Instruments or even from the external Audio In channel. Sending them to the individual Audio Out channels directly or to the Live Effects gives you great versatility. Together with the possibility to configuring mono/stereo Input and Output Limiters you will always stay in control of your mix.


In line with our Vision of “All integrated Synthesizers” it’s no question, that you can integrate other Instruments via multiple kinds of MIDI Signals. No matter if it is about, receiving or sending note On-Off Events, MIDI Control messages or syncing to a clock Input from another Instrument or DAW, your synth will always stay in beat.

Enabling your synths MIDI clock master turns it into the centerpiece of your setup and let it control your other devices.


Thanks to the digital nature of our synths you can preserve and access your created sounds easily. Saving the sound of one of your Synth Parts as preset or arranging multiple Synth Part presets together with your Drum Patterns into so called Performances can be easily done via the LCD touch screen.

In case you are looking for some inspiration you can also load one of the numerous Presets, Drum Kits or even Performances already delivered with your synth. Modify and save them easily as a so called variant without destroying the original sound to keep track of your progress. Sound design has never been more easy and intuitive.

Not enough? Update your presets and samples with one of our Sample Packs available on our website.