Know how and passion

Everyone who uses our products will appreciate the technology and the love of detail. Our goal is to use advanced technology to create gear for musicians encouraging them to interact with those devices to bring out their full creativity.

We do technic, You do music

Back to music electronics after 35 years of training in industry

Since youth days I have tried to reconcile my love for music and my heart for technology.
I built my first analog synthesizer when I was 17 years old. It became a hobby and a passion.

Still, my professional carrier shifted to industrial electronics, more precisely industrial control technology. Over a period of more than 35 years I have developed and manufactured several systems for smaller and larger companies. These developments included hardware, software and even customer applications. Thus, I accumulated extensive know-how and experience.

Founding MAYER-EMI

Years ago, my two sons encouraged me to bring the old days back by asking me to build an analog synthesizer again. As a consequence, I started to think about concepts to bring these old days back but with the possibilities of new technologies. With the still existing passion I started to transform industrial know-how into the development of music electronics in my spare time in 2012. The similarities are greater than one would think. However, it took some years until it reached a level that satisfied me. 2020 I decided to found my own company. Fortunately, I appreciate the support of my knowledgeable friends, freelancers and synthesizer enthusiasts.



To produce this extraordinary solution, I rely on Peter Antoniuk and his company AP ELECTRONICS. The common interest in music and electronics connects us since youth days. The haptics of the devices are important to both of us. That's why I trust in his expertise.


It is immensely important for us to provide a wide range of great and full sounds in the preset library. We therefore work together with the lovely couple from LIMA. They will do the sound design and the improvement of the devices usability to scoop out its full potential.  


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